Nationalty: French
Language(s): English / French
Height: 173cm
Weight: 65kg

Swimming since 6years old, I have successfully achieved national french level (18th French in 2012) and reasonable european level (257th european in 2012). During my career, I went to some  of the best athletes in the world as well as with their trainers in order to watch them, understand them and learn from them.

I am now a swimming coach and personal trainer in Singapore working for EliteCoach Pte. Ltd.

I discovered that playing sports and doing physical activities have two main goals: for self-performance or managing one’s own health.
No matters your goals, I can guide on both of those path.

Sports and physical activities may have different purpose but it’s always about the same at the end, focus on yourself and look inside you to bring out the best of you.
You want to train hard and increase your performance, I can help you.
You want to train to accept your body and feel more confortable in everydays life, I can help you.

I am a two-timed valedictorian who holds a Bachelor Degree in Sports Science, the first in sports training and the second concerning adapted physical activities and health. I did the second to be sure that each exercise that I offer preserves the health of his practitioners. I left competitive swimming to focus on transmiting my passion for sport especially for swimming.

My trainings will let anyone overcome aqua-phobia quickly and with ease. I will train you, not only for your body but together with your mind. With this achievements, I will help you to manage your stress by handling it wisely and using it positively. I work for that you can finish the lesson relax and continue your day with good attitude and positive energies.

In France, I specialise in teaching swimming from beginners to competitors – helping them to improve their techniques. I can train anyone to improve their skills in water until they achieve their goals. I am certified to help the physically impaired/disabled to learn how they can maximise their body usage to their full potential.

I believe in every one’s abilities and stands by the fact that -“Every human-being have a potential, no one can make you doubt of that”.

Determined and persevering, I want to bring out the best solutions for each individuals to achieve their objectives while preserving their physical health.

Swimming for competitors
Swimming for beginners
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Christian Anseaume

Christian Anseaume

CEO & Founder

Ex IRONMAN Competitor, Sport Educator Athlete, and International Trainer, Christian Anseaume is the Elite Coach Founder and CEO

Christian attended one of the leading famous military academies LMA (France – Aix en Provence). Following that, he attended the University of Marseille, where he received his Master’s Degree in Sports Education (1st ranked Student and major of his Promotion). He achieved rank of Top Student at the National CAPEPS exam (PE Teacher qualified in Sport through the French National Education System). He headed up Diet, Sports and Health training as a Head Sports Teacher in the French Government Education System from 2005 and 2010. He worked as a certified Lifeguard (French National Diploma of Aquatic Safety and Rescue) and Fire-Fighter (Var & Val d’Oise Department) for 7 years. For more than 12 years, Christian has coached high level athletes, children, adults (VIP & Celebrity students) and worked as an international Trainer specializing in Fitness, Swimming, Triathlon, Competition, Nutrition, Lifestyle & Communication.
Christian Anseaume is also the face of few sports campaign & other TVC commercials in Asia.

(Videos & Portfolio on:

To create and Develop Swim to Fly ®, Christian has been teaching, observing, analysing all aged students’ behaviour at all different levels of competence, background, and community, for over 15 years. Through this experience he began to understand that how you think and imagine when you swim directly impacts your ability to improve and make progress in swimming ability.

He realized that many coaches are using many different methods spliced together from their own individual experiences, certifications, degrees, and cultures. He also observed that no one had developed a globally recognized step by step basic, step complete, universal and ultra effective method setting out exact instructions for what to do, how to do it, in what order, with full explanations as to how and why each step works and leads to progression to the next step.

Seeing the need, he set out to develop a universal method adaptable and efficient for any kind of student using mental imagery and representations to focus the mind to achieve defined goals and instruction targets.

To swim well, one must:

  • Be able to swim relaxed, safely & independently
  • Be able to swim properly and effectively by feeling every action
  • Be able to swim fast spending a minimum of energy using perfected technique

To achieve this, he created mental and physical instructions for students to feel and imagine that SWIMMING IS LIKE FLYING, recognizing that the movement through water is like flying through the sky. He created imagery and lessons based on this appropriate to a child’s imagination and experience that helps tem relax without effort and stretch into the water as if flying through the air.  Through this he found that the children moved through stages more quickly and with greater confidence than before.

Since the age of 18, Christian has studied and taught in the French education system. He has taught primarily at the primary and secondary school levels, but also at national competitive and handicapped, and several dozen nationalities. In particular he has focused on swimming education, his main interest and passion. He graduated from Sport University [NAME] in 2000, became a Certified State French National Swim teacher in 2003, graduated 1st Rank in his university for his Master’s Degree in Sport Education and Motricity in 2004, and was certified as a top 100 PE teachers in France in 2005.

Building on an outstanding career in the French national education system, as instructor and coach and motivational speaker, and combining his passions for teaching and swimming, he moved to Singapore in 2011 to launch his own swim school for private clients (

Throughout his career, he observed that there are many different methods to teach swimming, many different ways to learn, and much discussion and debate between teachers, coaches, parents, from different countries and backgrounds with different intentions and goals. His entire professional career has focused on how to teach swimming effectively and with success. He trained the highest levels of competitive athletes, such as French National Champion in Triathlon. He himself trained to compete in the IRONMAN triathlon competition as well. Through these experiences and recognizing the large gap in professional instruction, he set out to create a simple, effective, formalized approach incorporating psychology, technical, training techniques to teach children of all ages to begin to swim and to progress to swim well.

Since moving to Singapore he has already worked with more than 1,000 clients. He came to understand parents’ concerns with safety, injury, and drowning and further refined his approach to define stage one focusing on safety, He defined “SAFETY” as the core foundation of the system. But his definition of “SAFETY” carries through the beginning, novice, and competent, and advanced stages. It does not stop at emergency events. All parents want to ensure safety at every stage of growing up around pools or in the ocean.

Christian quickly became well known for the quick and stable results he was able to achieve with children’s swimming in less than 3 years. He teaches many children, from many countries, at all different levels, all effectively, as quickly as possible with one common goal: to learn how to swim effectively, as quickly as possible, employing games and relaxing exercises, using methods employing fun and entertainment.

During his free time, he created the instruction system called Swim to Fly. It teaches children from age 2 to swim safely and in a relaxed manner. It has a proven track record of overcoming aqua phobia many times. The method has 3 main steps which incorporate [….] and psychomotor skills in harmony with children’s physical development. Through the instruction, most children can swim at least 15 meters safely, relaxed, in deep water, at the age of 3years old. The method is 100% effective with adults as well.

The first step is called: “Swim to Fly Safe”. The method transforms the child, it changes his mind thoughts, releases fear, allows him to enjoy the water, have fun, and equate movement in water to flying in the sky. A feeling of well-being and harmony takes over in the pool. It stays with the child, like a habit, like learning to ride a bike for the first time. When totally safe and alone for the first time, or realizing they can float and slide on the surface and not drop to the bottom, the transformation is instant and the confidence – in flying, in swimming, in being safe, in the teacher – takes over, and all the small children begin to progress with technique in a truly amazing manner.

Again and again, we see amazement in their eyes, laughter and smiles on their faces, and a sense of wanting to do more and achieve higher levels of skills. Every parent in the world should experience this moment. Every child should have the chance to feel this sensation. This is the goal of Swim to Fly 100% Safe.

Meanwhile, Christian observed that many children, entirely safe and confident in the water, struggled to improve their swimming ability. Most have poorly formed, unstable, and ineffective technique in all of their strokes. They never learned to slide properly through the water. They never learned the essence of what constitutes magical swimming.

Christian Anseaume: “Swimming totally Safe is the ability to stay 100% relaxed in deep water, diving, breathing and controlling effectively any action to move in any direction for a period of time long enough to swim 20 to 50 meters under normal swimming conditions”

Christian Anseaume: “ To be a 100% Effective Swimmer is to have the ability to feel, understand and control any action in the water to relax, and slide in the water with maximum speed and minimum effort using perfected stable technique. To be 100% aware of your movements and be able to adapt and adjust them under any conditions, relaxed and without fear, is swimming like flying. This is the goal of of the Swim to Fly system”.

VIP & Lifestyle Coaching
Weight Loss and Nutrition Management
Swimming from beginners to high level
Muscle toning, define and building
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Yann Gonin

Nationalty: French
Language(s): English / French
Height: 180cm
Weight: 75kg

Yann Gonin is an expert in swimming, personal training and nutrition management.

As a certified swimming instructor, he worked in different domains from beginner to national level, specialising in school education working with children, adults and seniors. Graduated in Nutrition Diploma in Limayrac Institute (South of France) he focused one more year in physical activity and sport nutrition from Medicine University. He graduated with a Bachelor in Training Activities of Swimming and a Bachelor in Personal Training, Development and Monitoring of Physical Activity and Sports.

Passionate with aquatique activities, he has worked from 2009 to 2014 in swimming pools near Toulouse to different audiences, from children to adults. Yann Gonin specialises in aqua phobia, improvement and training and also providing aqua fitness lessons.

Yann Gonin specialises in personal development, with a healthy objective to increase muscle defining, toning and building. His specialty is in weight loss, weight lifting, outdoor training, low aerobic and stretching.

Swimming from beginners to high level
VIP & Lifestyle Coaching
Weight Loss and Nutrition Management
Triathlon & Running Competition Training
Muscle toning, define and building






Edgar Guillot

Nationalty: French
Language(s): English / French
Height: 185cm
Weight: 76kg

Edgar Guillot is an Elite Coach expert in swimming lessons for kids/adults & Fitness personal training.

As a certified Swimtofly instructor, he has trained students from beginner to national level.

Graduated from the French Sport University of Besançon (Bachelor degree), he is passionate about swimming education, aqua activities and fitness gym training.

Edgar also specializes in aqua phobia lessons, kids swim program from 2 years old, and also aqua fitness lessons for adults.

Swimming for beginners
Swimming for competitors



Nationalty: French
Language(s): English / French
Height: -cm
Weight: -kg

Davy Mieze

Davy specialized in swimming teaching since more than 20 years. Graduated with the BEESAN from France, he runs lessons for babies, kids and adults’ beginners or competitors (top level triathletes or casual swimmers)

His own swim school in France was Certified ENF (quality of teaching) by the FFN (French swim federation).

Winner of the Tri-factor 2017 & 2nd of the Aquathlon Metasprint in 2018, Davy continue to train every week in triathlon (open water) & swimming (200m butterfly specialist). In addition, he has also skills in martial arts as self-defense trainer with the Gheldman sambo academy (Genève).

Swimming for competitors
Swimming for beginners




Nationalty: French
Language(s): English / French
Height: 187cm
Weight: 78kg

Pierre is French ex swimmer competitor who is passionated about education and aquatic activities (Swimming, Surf and Lifesaving)

Pierre is certified as swimming instructor and sports instructor. He has achieved two Bachelors degrees from the French Sport University of Nantes, one in Sport Education and one in Managing and Development for aquatic activities. He can teach swimming from beginner to national level.

With his experience of swimming competitor and high level of study, Pierre is able to plan and delivering sessions appropriate to the level of swimmer, to provide explanations and demonstrates swimming techniques, correct faults in swimming techniques, identifies ways to improve performance and ensuring that safety standards are followed at all times.

Pierre as worked as a Lifeguard in France with the National Association in Rescue at Sea (SNSM) and in England with the SurfLifeSaving GB.

He was a surfing instructor in France, in charge of teaching kids and disabled people to enjoy in this sport.

To finish Pierre has coaching Swimmer competitor in France, he was in charge of physical training and swimming training for a high level of competition. He also train Scuba Diver to perfect their skills in the activities (apnea, fin swimming and diving techniques).

Swimming for competitors
Swimming for beginners
Personal Training



Nationalty: French
Language(s): English / French
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg

As an athlete, Coach Benoit has been trained by the best coaches in France. It was through the training where he gained much valuable experiences and knowledge, both mentally and physically.

In the sports industry, Benoit obtained his Diploma of Training in Athletics with the French Federation of Athletics and the Bachelor of Sports Science in Managing and Development for Aquatic Activities with the University of Nantes in France.

With discipline and practices gained over the years, he trained and committed to achieve his goals with great rigour : be an Athletics FRANCE champion.

His past preparation involves a combination of running, swimming and bodybuilding. He also practices swimming as a sport that is complementary to athletics.

Nowadays coach Benoit is totally dedicate to strength training to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance and the size of skeletal muscles. During each training session with him, He will ensure that it is an effective and pleasant time spent on pushing and improving yourself.

In his past experiences, He has also engaged in numerous aquatic activities in areas such as teaching swimming to children and also swim-training for adults. He ensure proper swim techniques are taught to children through the SwimtoFly® method and also to improve swimming techniques to older.

Last but not the least, He has experiences in personally following athletes who are keen on training themselves for events such as 10km Marathon, Half-Marathon and Marathon. During which, He will take into account their goals and assist to improve their overall performance.

Sports Awards:
– Third U21 800m indoor in 2014
– France champion relay 4×800 in 2014
– France champion 2000m steeple-chase in 2010
– 3rd European and 14th World Time of the year 2010 on steeple-chase

Running program
Personal Training
Swimming for beginners
Swimming for competitors


Raj Subramaniam


Master Trainer (FISAF)
Nationalty: Singaporean
Language(s): English, Malay, Tamil
Height: 175cm

As a personal trainer for the past 13 years, Raj has enjoyed making his clients’ lives better and empowering them with the ability to take on life’s physical and emotional challenges.

Raj conducts personal training – whether on individual or group bases – at residential homes, condominium gyms, parks and dance/aerobic studios. He also offers freelance work with other fitness companies, studio and fitness entities. As a well-recognized and experienced trainer, Raj is often invited to conduct regular health talks and fitness workshops for corporate private companies and the public.

Raj underwent intensive training and education under FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness) to obtain his professional certification from 2006 to 2010. Prior to obtaining his Master Trainer certification, Raj had been trained in four international group fitness programs under the Les Mills Body Training Systems Australia, for BODYCOMBAT®, BODYATTACK®, BODYJAM® and RPM®. Raj also obtained black belt in Taekwondo and incorporates kickboxing into his training programs. In his free time, he pursues dancing salsa and teaches salsa as a hobby.

Raj is convicted to the philosophy ‘’Being Better is a Choice’’ and actively strives to help his clients attain results. He is thankful to have been given opportunities to endow people with the knowledge and motivation to improve their quality of lives. He is constantly upgrading himself with the latest industry knowledge, skills and news, and is always prepared to share more!

Fat/Weight loss & Muscle definition
Kickboxing for Fitness
Sports specific Training
Partner Training/Group


Alvin Tan

Nationalty: Singaporean
Language(s): English
Height: 174cm
Weight: 63kg

Alvin Tan is a certified Swimtofly instructor specialized in swimming lessons for kids and adults (from beginners to competitors).

He is passionate about swimming education since many years and he is an expert for teaching to swim confident and become Water Safe from any ages. He master as well the Swimtofly method to teach the Front Crawl and all others strokes.

Swimming for competitors
Swimming for beginners