Nationalty: French
Language(s): English / French
Height: 187cm
Weight: 78kg

Pierre is French ex swimmer competitor who is passionated about education and aquatic activities (Swimming, Surf and Lifesaving)

Pierre is certified as swimming instructor and sports instructor. He has achieved two Bachelors degrees from the French Sport University of Nantes, one in Sport Education and one in Managing and Development for aquatic activities. He can teach swimming from beginner to national level.

With his experience of swimming competitor and high level of study, Pierre is able to plan and delivering sessions appropriate to the level of swimmer, to provide explanations and demonstrates swimming techniques, correct faults in swimming techniques, identifies ways to improve performance and ensuring that safety standards are followed at all times.

Pierre as worked as a Lifeguard in France with the National Association in Rescue at Sea (SNSM) and in England with the SurfLifeSaving GB.

He was a surfing instructor in France, in charge of teaching kids and disabled people to enjoy in this sport.

To finish Pierre has coaching Swimmer competitor in France, he was in charge of physical training and swimming training for a high level of competition. He also train Scuba Diver to perfect their skills in the activities (apnea, fin swimming and diving techniques).

Swimming for competitors
Swimming for beginners
Personal Training