Nationalty: French
Language(s): English / French
Height: 173cm
Weight: 65kg

Swimming since 6years old, I have successfully achieved national french level (18th French in 2012) and reasonable european level (257th european in 2012). During my career, I went to some  of the best athletes in the world as well as with their trainers in order to watch them, understand them and learn from them.

I am now a swimming coach and personal trainer in Singapore working for EliteCoach Pte. Ltd.

I discovered that playing sports and doing physical activities have two main goals: for self-performance or managing one’s own health.
No matters your goals, I can guide on both of those path.

Sports and physical activities may have different purpose but it’s always about the same at the end, focus on yourself and look inside you to bring out the best of you.
You want to train hard and increase your performance, I can help you.
You want to train to accept your body and feel more confortable in everydays life, I can help you.

I am a two-timed valedictorian who holds a Bachelor Degree in Sports Science, the first in sports training and the second concerning adapted physical activities and health. I did the second to be sure that each exercise that I offer preserves the health of his practitioners. I left competitive swimming to focus on transmiting my passion for sport especially for swimming.

My trainings will let anyone overcome aqua-phobia quickly and with ease. I will train you, not only for your body but together with your mind. With this achievements, I will help you to manage your stress by handling it wisely and using it positively. I work for that you can finish the lesson relax and continue your day with good attitude and positive energies.

In France, I specialise in teaching swimming from beginners to competitors – helping them to improve their techniques. I can train anyone to improve their skills in water until they achieve their goals. I am certified to help the physically impaired/disabled to learn how they can maximise their body usage to their full potential.

I believe in every one’s abilities and stands by the fact that -“Every human-being have a potential, no one can make you doubt of that”.

Determined and persevering, I want to bring out the best solutions for each individuals to achieve their objectives while preserving their physical health.

Swimming for competitors
Swimming for beginners
Personal Training