Nationalty: French
Language(s): English / French
Height: 180cm
Weight: 75kg

Yann Gonin is an expert in swimming, personal training and nutrition management.

As a certified swimming instructor, he worked in different domains from beginner to national level, specialising in school education working with children, adults and seniors. Graduated in Nutrition Diploma in Limayrac Institute (South of France) he focused one more year in physical activity and sport nutrition from Medicine University. He graduated with a Bachelor in Training Activities of Swimming and a Bachelor in Personal Training, Development and Monitoring of Physical Activity and Sports.

Passionate with aquatique activities, he has worked from 2009 to 2014 in swimming pools near Toulouse to different audiences, from children to adults. Yann Gonin specialises in aqua phobia, improvement and training and also providing aqua fitness lessons.

Yann Gonin specialises in personal development, with a healthy objective to increase muscle defining, toning and building. His specialty is in weight loss, weight lifting, outdoor training, low aerobic and stretching.

Swimming from beginners to high level
VIP & Lifestyle Coaching
Weight Loss and Nutrition Management
Triathlon & Running Competition Training
Muscle toning, define and building