Swimming lessons for kids

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Swimming lessons
for kids

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Swimming lessons for kids

We specialize in swimming lessons for kids from 2 years old to teens.

Using a specific “SAFE, FAST and EFFECTIVE” Step by Step Method developed by Christian Anseaume, we offer beginning swimming lessons for children aged 2 to 5 years of age. Generally the lessons are held in small groups of up to 5 children. They also can be arranged individually or by family with siblings of different age groups.

For older children with level of experience, we help improve technique and self-confidence through a step by step approach. Sometimes this requires simple observation and modification of technique. Other times it entails ‘reprogramming’ habits learned in earlier lessons.

Many families have found their children excelling in aquatic sports as they approach teenage years. This is the result of the ease and level of comfort in the water they feel learned from Christian’s step by step method approach.


Christian Anseaume has developed a unique step by step instruction method based on his many years of teaching experience.

To create and Develop Swim to Fly ®, Christian has been teaching, observing, analysing all aged students’ behaviour at all different levels of competence, background, and community, for over 15 years.

Through this experience he began to understand that how you think and imagine when you swim directly impacts your ability to improve and make progress in swimming ability.

He realized that many coaches are using many different methods spliced together from their own individual experiences, certifications, degrees, and cultures. He also observed that no one had developed a globally recognized step by step basic, step complete, universal and ultra effective method setting out exact instructions for what to do, how to do it, in what order, with full explanations as to how and why each step works and leads to progression to the next step.

Seeing the need, he set out to develop a universal method adaptable and efficient for any kind of student using mental imagery and representations to focus the mind to achieve defined goals and instruction targets.

To swim well, one must:

      • Be able to swim relaxed, safely & independently
      • Be able to swim properly and effectively by feeling every action
      • Be able to swim fast spending a minimum of energy using perfected technique

Learn More about the Unique Swimming Program Swim to Fly ®


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Kids’ Swimming lessons Rates

This following charges per classes are prorated regarding our 10 sessions packages rates.

You can create your own one-to-one lesson or join a group class. Feel free to contact us to find the best lesson for your kid.

This is the kids’ rates for swimming lessons. See adults’ rates here.

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