Christian Anseaume has developed a unique step by step instruction method based on his many years of teaching experience. Different levels of exercises build the parts of overall technique which, when complete, allow a swimmer to relax, flow, and speed through the water with safety and competence. This Method is entirely SAFE, FAST and EFFECTIVE.

Swim to Fly ® is a proven step by step swimming program, entirely Safe, Fast and Effective.

This particular swimming school concept, using kid’s imagination & Flying sensation, was created and designed by Christian Anseaume to help to develop optimal results in a minimum amount of time

  • Teach and learn how to swim Safely, Confidently, Independently & Relaxed from 2 years old > Swim to Fly Independently TM (3 steps)
  • Teach and learn how to swim perfect freestyle from the age of 3 > Swim to Fly Freestyle TM (3 steps)
  • Teach and learn how to master all others strokes (backstroke – Butterfly – Breaststroke) from 5 years old > Swim to Fly Champions TM (3 steps per strokes)

With Swim to Fly Swimming method, we get results with 2 Years old Kids


Swim to Fly ® is a complete learn how to swim method including swimming classes, videos and teaching explication

1/ any Parents willing to teach how to SWIM SAFELY, INDEPENDENTLY & CONFIDENTLY to their own child (from two years old)

2/ any Students willing to learn how to SWIM FAST, RELAXED and EFFECTIVE (from any ages)

3/ any Instructors in the swimming industry willing to improve their teaching skills using the unique Swim to Fly ® Methodology & Concept


This is a revolutionary worldwide swimming teaching method that will deliver maximum results within minimum time (usually less than 10 hours). This unique swimming method is effective from the youngest ages through senior years. Participants learn how to swim safely first (from 2 years old). Then they learn how to swim freestyle.  And finally they learn all other strokes and many have become some of the top 10% competitors at the age level of 5 years old.


  • Learn to swim using an effective method producing maximum of results with a minimum of time
  • A unique method that incorporates a student’s emotional, psychological and psychomotor skills using a simple visualization methodology to transform intention and effort into the experience of flying.
  • A Step by step carefully designed teaching method to enable a child to swim totally relaxed and safely in water in just 3 simple steps. It works from age 2 years old. It works for students of any age who are not yet able to swim. It uses specialized materials in specific equipment  (paddle/Fins/ Sinking board/ special Neoprene/ mask) suited to specific levels and exercises.
  • A revolutionary freestyle teaching concept incorporating a specific order of proficiencies to develop first, flying freestyle with one hand on the surface 1 by 1, second, sliding freestyle (in 3 steps) that can build competitive level swimmers from age 4 years old and future world champions in under ten category.

Results with 4-5 Years old Kids


A passion for swimming and teaching

Since the age of 18, Christian has studied and taught in the French education system. He has taught primarily at the primary and secondary school levels, but also at national competitive and handicapped, and several dozen nationalities. In particular he has focused on swimming education, his main interest and passion. He graduated from Sport University [NAME] in 2000, became a Certified State French National Swim teacher in 2003, graduated 1st Rank in his university for his Master’s Degree in Sport Education and Motricity in 2004, and was certified as a top 100 PE teachers in France in 2005.


Building on an outstanding career in the French national education system, as instructor and coach and motivational speaker, and combining his passions for teaching and swimming, he moved to Singapore in 2011 to launch his own swim school for private clients (


Throughout his career, he observed that there are many different methods to teach swimming, many different ways to learn, and much discussion and debate between teachers, coaches, parents, from different countries and backgrounds with different intentions and goals. His entire professional career has focused on how to teach swimming effectively and with success. He trained the highest levels of competitive athletes, such as French National Champion in Triathlon. He himself trained to compete in the IRONMAN triathlon competition as well. Through these experiences and recognizing the large gap in professional instruction, he set out to create a simple, effective, formalized approach incorporating psychology, technical, training techniques to teach children of all ages to begin to swim and to progress to swim well.

Results with 6-7 Years old kids


Already more than 1000 clients

Since moving to Singapore he has already worked with more than 1,000 clients. He came to understand parents’ concerns with safety, injury, and drowning and further refined his approach to define stage one focusing on safety, He defined “SAFETY” as the core foundation of the system. But his definition of “SAFETY” carries through the beginning, novice, and competent, and advanced stages. It does not stop at emergency events. All parents want to ensure safety at every stage of growing up around pools or in the ocean.


Christian quickly became well known for the quick and stable results he was able to achieve with children’s swimming in less than 3 years. He teaches many children, from many countries, at all different levels, all effectively, as quickly as possible with one common goal: to learn how to swim effectively, as quickly as possible, employing games and relaxing exercises, using methods employing fun and entertainment.


During his free time, he created the instruction system called Swim to Fly. It teaches children from age 2 to swim safely and in a relaxed manner. It has a proven track record of overcoming aqua phobia many times. The method has 3 main steps which incorporate [….] and psychomotor skills in harmony with children’s physical development. Through the instruction, most children can swim at least 15 meters safely, relaxed, in deep water, at the age of 3years old. The method is 100% effective with adults as well.


Swim to Fly ® is a proven step by step swimming program, entirely Safe, Fast and Effective.

The first step is called: “Swim to Fly Safe”. The method transforms the child, it changes his mind thoughts, releases fear, allows him to enjoy the water, have fun, and equate movement in water to flying in the sky. A feeling of well-being and harmony takes over in the pool. It stays with the child, like a habit, like learning to ride a bike for the first time. When totally safe and alone for the first time, or realizing they can float and slide on the surface and not drop to the bottom, the transformation is instant and the confidence – in flying, in swimming, in being safe, in the teacher – takes over, and all the small children begin to progress with technique in a truly amazing manner.


Again and again, we see amazement in their eyes, laughter and smiles on their faces, and a sense of wanting to do more and achieve higher levels of skills. Every parent in the world should experience this moment. Every child should have the chance to feel this sensation. This is the goal of Swim to Fly 100% Safe.


Meanwhile, Christian observed that many children, entirely safe and confident in the water, struggled to improve their swimming ability. Most have poorly formed, unstable, and ineffective technique in all of their strokes. They never learned to slide properly through the water. They never learned the essence of what constitutes magical swimming.

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Christian Anseaume: “Swimming totally Safe is the ability to stay 100% relaxed in deep water, diving, breathing and controlling effectively any action to move in any direction for a period of time long enough to swim 20 to 50 meters under normal swimming conditions”

Christian Anseaume: “ To be a 100% Effective Swimmer is to have the ability to feel, understand and control any action in the water to relax, and slide in the water with maximum speed and minimum effort using perfected stable technique. To be 100% aware of your movements and be able to adapt and adjust them under any conditions, relaxed and without fear, is swimming like flying. This is the goal of of the Swim to Fly system”.


Stage Two teaches the ‘safe swimmer’ a unique core technique and stroke that emphasizes and develops the ability to slide easily through the water. Following that, Stage Three carries that technique through three advanced strokes (backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke) in progression tied to a child’s mind and body development. Each has three steps per stroke.


They are:

  • Swim to Fly Freestyle in 3 simple Steps (from 3 years old)
  • Swim to Fly Backstroke in 3 Simple Steps (from 4 Years Old)
  • Swim to Fly Butterfly in 3 Simple Steps (from 5 Years Old)
  • Swim to Fly Breaststroke in 3 Simple Steps (from 5 Years Old)


  • In the Swim to Fly Methodology it is very important to follow the order of those skills and steps in order to respect the correct student swimming process to learn how to swim correctly.

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