When I met Yann, I had two goals in mind: losing weight and reshaping my body. At the age of 43, I went through several diets before meeting Yann, without any success. Yann has therefore taken over and coached me, at both physical and nutrition levels. In a few months I have been able to get back in shape and have fun with daily exercises. With a very professional attitude, outstanding listening, flexibility and availability, incomparable rigor, Yann was able to allow me to achieve my ambitious objectives. I lost 15 Kg. The nutrition guidelines that were not difficult to follow, and which enabled me to continue to enjoy food and good meals with friends. The ultimate goal was to become autonomous for my daily workout and food diet, which I am today. Relatives and family keep on asking me what I did to change so fast and look thinner, healthier and more active. If you are ready to live this amazing experience, go ahead and ask Yann for a coaching: it will be a life changing coaching! Thank you Yann

Thierry, 43 years old

Thanks a lot

We really are very happy from the coaching of Christian. He 's very professional and nice. He teach both of my sons since three years and their progress are amazing. The oldest one can start competition now because he can do the four strokes!!!

Not provided

Enjoy with the team & the coach

Come & join us. Been following Elite for bootcamp for sometimes. The location are great of cause the coach are the best. The coach will make sure you fit as him @ Christian. Come on! What are you still thinking?


Just amazing

Chirstian has an incredible eye for where my kids can improve and even more a fun way of teaching them HOW to do it. It's just wonderful when the can grow in skills and confidence while totally enjyoing their lesson all at the same time!

Corinna Meyer

Very Professional Training

Christian from EliteCoach has been teaching swimming to my 2 sons for more than 2 years now and it has been an amazing experience. He is very good with kids to make them listen to instructions and learn the proper technic. His competencies in swimming are amazing. The level reached by my kids now is really good and they keep learning all the strokes in a very good way. I strongly recommend EliteCoach for swimming lessons. Kids not only learn how to swim but they learn all the right technic that can help them become amazing swimmers


Best Swimming Coach EVER!!

I took few swimming class with Elite Coach and my kids are improving so fast with a lot of FUN. Great job!!



I have Been Working with Elite Coach since 2 Years and Its great !

T. G.

The best bootcamp in Singapore !

There is no best way to begin the weekend than going for Christian's Beach Bootcamp ! The workout is progressive and adapted to all sort of fitness. By the end of it I'm feeling so full of energy, relieved from the stress accumulated from the week. Christian is as friendly as ever and it is fun to share this moment with all the other members. Thanks !


Amazing Swimming program - my 4yo child learned how to swim in only 5 classes. Fun & effective - best team !


Professional and competent coach

Christian is very professional and competent in his coaching. He takes pride in his works and has excellent rapport with all of the swimming students under his charge.

Tan & Ho

Fun beach workout

Beach Bootcamp is a great way to start your weekend. At Sentosa, can't think of a better place to work out. Christian, what can I say, so fit, fun and motivating to work out with. Such a fun group of people that show up on the day too!



Beach Bootcamp is a great way to start your day. At Sentosa, Can't think of a better place to work out. Christian, what can I say; so fit, fun and motivating to work out with.


hanks thank and thanks..

My 5 year old son is not a "natural" in the water and on top of that he is very stubborn… I needed somebody with a lot of patience and understanding of his personality. I found this person with Elite coaching and it has been a fantastic experience. My son gained confidence in the water and is now like a fish in the water, has a lot of confidence in the water and is now eager to learn more of swimming. Thanks again to Elite coaching for this adventure and I recommend you to anybody who is looking for professional, patient and passionate swimming instructors.


Effective Swimming Lessons

Christian has been our swimming coach to our 3 kids (now age 10, 8 & 6) for almost two years. We have had many swim coaches before but Christian's swimming methods have been by far in our opinion the most effective in terms of good swimming techniques and strokes. We see the transformation in their swimming style and we are very happy they are now extremely confident in the water. They swim like fishes. Thank you Christian for your dedication and patience in coaching our kids!

Charles & Karen

Best swim coach in town!

Christian has been teaching my 2 sons (5yr old and 2.5yr old) for over a year and I am completely amazed by the progress they both have made in such a short time. My older son now has a close to perfect technic for free-style and butterfly and my youngest is following the same path. Christian puts his aim for the kids he teaches extremely high and he does not compromise on technic. At the same time he has his way with kids to keep the whole thing entertaining. Before knowing Christian, I was putting them in these swimming classes by group of 10 to 15 kids. All these are very nice, we sing songs and there is a lot of good intentions there… But at some point I wondered whether we were going to singing classes or swimming classes;-) We also tried other private coaches before Christian. But again there is no comparison. Christan wins by K.O. in first round. If you want your kids to learn fast and more importantly to learn the right way, go for the Elite:)

Alan B

Discipline & dedication...

Quick results, muscle toning & overall fitness – Christian makes your work outs interesting and challenging by gradually pushing you to do your best by increasing your strength & agility WITHOUT injuring your body! The gym is no longer my enemy:)


Professional and passionate

The coaches are all very professional and dedicated. They are very good in adapting their classes to our needs and designing special programs to each individual. They are result-oriented and also very flexible and availble to their customer. We can feel that they are passionate about what they do and their incredible patience and skills help us to push our own limits. I definitely recommand them.


Wonderful team

Coaches are very nice with kids and very professional when it comes to learn how to swim. Thumb up!

Lucie Wong