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Personal Training

Elite Coach offers premium fitness personal training services for adults directly at your location or in our sport area (gym, condo, outdoor, studio)

Lose weight * Nutrition tips * Muscles toning, building or define * Cardio training * Fat burning * Competition preparation & program * stretching * Aqua fitness * & more…

Our Professionals Elite Trainers are dedicated to help you to reach your fitness goal.

To surpass your limits, to feel healthier and to benefit from premium personal training with a professional elite coach, request for more details today & contact us to start our training program.

Swimming lessons

Swimming for kids

We offer effective & fun swimming lessons for kids (babies to teenagers). The lessons are held in 1to1 classes or in small groups.

Swimming for adults

We also offer swimming instruction and coaching for adults of all ages. From non-swimmers to high level competitors (triathletes, Ironman…).

Christian Anseaume has developed a unique step by step instruction method based on his many years of teaching experience. Over fifteen levels of exercises build the parts of overall technique which, when complete, allow a swimmer to relax, flow, and speed through the water with safety and competence. This Method is entirely SAFE, FAST and EFFECTIVE.


Elite Coach Team

Our Results

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We get results in few lessons!

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Best swim coach in town!

Christian has been teaching my 2 sons (5yr old and 2.5yr old) for over a year and I am completely amazed by the progress they both have made in such a short time. My older son now has a close to perfect technic for free-style and butterfly and my youngest is following the same path. Christian puts his aim for the kids he teaches extremely high and he does not compromise on technic. At the same time he has his way with kids to keep the whole thing entertaining. Before knowing Christian, I was putting them in these swimming classes by group of 10 to 15 kids. All these are very nice, we sing songs and there is a lot of good intentions there… But at some point I wondered whether we were going to singing classes or swimming classes;-) We also tried other private coaches before Christian. But again there is no comparison. Christan wins by K.O. in first round. If you want your kids to learn fast and more importantly to learn the right way, go for the Elite:)

Alan B

Amazing Swimming program - my 4yo child learned how to swim in only 5 classes. Fun & effective - best team !


Expect the best, we are Elite.

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