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      • Learn to Swim in 3 Steps
        Private swim lessons for kids & toddlers | Beginners swimming classes in Singapore | Swim with confidence with the SwimtoFly method | Best Swim teachers & Swim Instructors in Singapore | Easy, Fun and Effective Swim lessons | Learn to become Water safe and swim independently at any age with Elite Coach
      • Improve your Swimming Skills
        Swim faster & Improve any strokes with our private swim lessons | Master freestyle, front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, open water & triathlon | Prepare your next triathlon race or swimming competition in Singapore | Learn all the basics and tips with our expert SwimtoFly instructor
      • Get Fit & Enjoy our Personal Training Program
        Train with the best Fitness Personal Trainer in Singapore | lose weight, build Muscles, Burn Fat, become Stronger, Eat Better, Learn about nutrition | Our Elite Trainers can come to your private gym or location in Singapore | All Elite coach are here to help you reach your goals
      • Learn Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA
        Our Martial Arts instructors are specialised for beginners and advanced level | Enjoy a private training and learn the basics of Muay Thai Boxing & MMA | Request a training for fitness or combat | Our trainers can teach you how to fight, how to move and how to spar
      • Discover Team bonding Event, bootcamp & Aquagym
        Contact us to organise a group training class for your friends or for your company team building event | Our Elite Coaches will be happy to assist you and prepare such sport corporate team event.

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Swim lessons Singapore

Swim lessons Singapore

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Muay Thai Boxing Singapore

Personal Trainers Singapore

Personal Trainers Singapore

Triathlon Training Singapore

Triathlon Training Singapore

They talked about us :

Fun beach workout

Beach Bootcamp is a great way to start your weekend. At Sentosa, can't think of a better place to work out. Christian, what can I say, so fit, fun and motivating to work out with. Such a fun group of people that show up on the day too!


Amazing Swimming program - my 4yo child learned how to swim in only 5 classes. Fun & effective - best team !