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The best bootcamp in Singapore !

There is no best way to begin the weekend than going for Christian's Beach Bootcamp ! The workout is progressive and adapted to all sort of fitness. By the end of it I'm feeling so full of energy, relieved from the stress accumulated from the week. Christian is as friendly as ever and it is fun to share this moment with all the other members. Thanks !



When I met Yann, I had two goals in mind: losing weight and reshaping my body. At the age of 43, I went through several diets before meeting Yann, without any success. Yann has therefore taken over and coached me, at both physical and nutrition levels. In a few months I have been able to get back in shape and have fun with daily exercises. With a very professional attitude, outstanding listening, flexibility and availability, incomparable rigor, Yann was able to allow me to achieve my ambitious objectives. I lost 15 Kg. The nutrition guidelines that were not difficult to follow, and which enabled me to continue to enjoy food and good meals with friends. The ultimate goal was to become autonomous for my daily workout and food diet, which I am today. Relatives and family keep on asking me what I did to change so fast and look thinner, healthier and more active. If you are ready to live this amazing experience, go ahead and ask Yann for a coaching: it will be a life changing coaching! Thank you Yann

Thierry, 43 years old

Let’s meet Benoît, our certified personal trainer and swimming instructor!

He has competed and trained with the top French athletes in Track & Field to win a French title in middle-distance running

During rehabilitation for an injury, he practiced often in the pool to improve his swimming skills.

Benoît has a Bachelor in Sports Science and a diploma of Training in Athletics with the French Federation of Athletics.

To learn more about him :

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Meet Simon, our certified swimming instructor!

His experience in professional Swimming gave him a concern for details.
His demand for perfection requires rigor, patience and training.

Each session is personalized for the client to their physical capabilities and objectives.

“Every human-being have a potential, no one can make you doubt of that.”

To learn more about him, check his profile online :

#elitecoachsingapore #workout #singaporefitness #health #personaltrainer #fitness #sgfitness #swimminglessons

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