Elite Coach: Aqua Fitness Classes

Today, it’s not unlikely to walk down a street and see an individual dressed in exercise gear from head to toe. Health and fitness is no longer a term heralded or spoken about by health experts or gurus. It’s slowly seeping into the lifestyles of every individual that seeks to improve their health and overall well-being.

However, not all fitness exercises are created equal, and not all are appropriate for our body type and/or health. Some seem to benefit from cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, while others seem to benefit from either high- intensity exercises or joint flexibility exercises. The first step to reaping the benefits of an active lifestyle is choosing the one that would work for you.

Regardless, the one type of exercise that is appropriate for any body type is aqua aerobics. Often touted as an appropriate exercise only for the elderly or those suffering from an injury, aqua fitness cuts across age groups, gender and profession. This fact alone is evidenced by its increase in popularity over the years, as more and more wellness centres incorporate it into their range of exercise options.

This is why at Elite Coach, we strive to offer fitness exercises that are appropriate for all and offer the widest range of benefits. As the forerunner of top performing personal training companies, we employ seasoned trainers to offer the best aqua fitness classes. 

In light of the differing physical needs and aptitudes that different individuals present, our aqua fitness classes are highly personalized. Additionally, to ensure continual progress, we increase the intensity of our exercises to cater to the growing physical strength and endurance of our clients.

If you’re on the fence about starting your aqua fitness journey with us, below are a few of the benefits that you should consider:

·       Protects the joints: When in the water, our body only weighs a sixth of our normal mass. This makes physical movements easier and places less strain on our weight-bearing joints. This is why aqua fitness is ideal for those suffering from physical injuries and therapy.

·       It’s non-traumatic: One of the top advantages of aqua fitness is that the risk of injury is considerably lowered. Water buoyancy reduces physical shock during exercise. Additionally, the hydrostatic pressure created by the water encourages blood flow throughout the body, placing less strain on the heart. This has been shown to reduce high blood pressure and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

·       Ideal for everyone: Regardless of age, body size, weight or fitness level, aqua fitness is ideal for everyone. Hence, for those that are unsure of how to start their fitness journey, aqua fitness is the best way to go.

·       Higher resistance: Even though our body mass is considerably reduced while in water, the water still creates higher resistance as we exercise as compared to air. This ensures that our muscles work harder without us even realizing it. This, in turn, not only strengthens our body muscles but tones our arms, shoulders and slims our waists.

Of course, there are a host of other benefits that an individual can benefit from aqua fitness. Our Singapore based company is highly equipped with top experts and training gear to ensure that you can live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

AquaFitness in an activity for everybody whether you are into sports or not. The idea with Aquagym is to work the entire body with different movements in the water. This will enhance you body figure and your muscles will become firm and strong. It will also work you heart and strengthen this vital muscle.

To work the body in water has many advantages such as:

          • 1) Water as an element will work as a natural resistance when you do the exercise.

          • 2) Water is a safe environment and therefor you will avoid bodily injuries.

          • 3) Water will keep you cool during the exercises.

After an AquaFitness workout you will feel good and strong. It’s a perfect way to start your day.

If you would like to organize a new group class in your condo in Singapore, please contact us.