Elite Coach: BootCamp Classes

Let’s face it, a consistent workout routine, as effective as it can be, can get quite monotonous after a while. If you’re one of those looking to switch up your workout regime and try something new, you’ve come to the right place. At Elite Coach, we hear your plea for a needed change in your routine, and we’re here to help.

With our top-rated boot camp classes, we can help you find the challenge that you’ve been looking for. Launched and started after the famous Barry’s boot camp in the 90s, boot camp helps you go back to the basics and explore the core of workouts. Notably, boot camp is intense as it combines strength training and aerobics among others.

Since its foundation was laid on helping military recruits get into shape, it engages individuals in a high-intensity exercise that challenge the entire body. Hence, within the span of an hour of class, individuals are likely to burn at least 600 calories, build endurance and increase physical strength among other benefits.

Admittedly, boot camp classes are not designed for those faint at heart. That is why our boot camp classes are specifically designed to help individuals of varying fitness levels transition into its intensity easily. Our highly energetic and experienced are able to keep clients extremely motivate.

It is important to note that boot camp classes can differ depending on the personal training company you hire. Some tend to stress on military-style drills, while others tend to focus on callisthenics. We, however, in a bid to meet our client's physical needs and operate within their aptitudes, we offer tailored services.

Regardless, we do mix our training exercises to ensure variety, to us to ensure our training remains highly functional and beneficial. By using a variety of boot camp exercises and routines, we are able to keep your muscles guessing, and avoid monotony. Of course, variety ensures that every muscle in the body is engaged and used appropriately,

With our seasoned personal trainers, you’ll never have to struggle to keep up. By the end of our boot camp classes, you will boast of proper body form, improved strength, increased mental functioning among many other benefits.


Based in Singapore, our personal trainers can be easily reached when a client is in need. To help increase customer engagement and meet customer engagement, we extend our services to corporations and business looking to set up a boot camp. Boot camps for business corporations have been found to increase team bonding, increased productivity and performance.

So, are you looking to switch up your workout routine? Are you looking for something more challenging that will take you to the next level of physical strength, endurance and fitness?

Are you a business owner looking to improve the bond between your employees as well as their performance at work? Well, look no further than Elite Coach, your top rated and friendly personal training company; created just for you.