Francois DUCLOS
Master Trainer specialized in:

  • Personal TRAINING (Build muscles, Define Body, Fitness, Cross Fit…)

  • Nutrition (Lifestyle, Burn Fat, Lose Weight…)

  • Physical Coaching for athletes and teams (Preparation & Conditioning)

  • Swimming for kids & adults (Beginners to Champions)

François is a French certified personal trainer and swimming instructor. He has achieved a Master degree in Sport Performance and training with the University of Nantes in France. His academic background gives him a really scientific approach of the sport performance. He has been studying through the latest scientific data most of the performance-related parameters such as strengthening, training plan, recovery, nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation…

He has been playing volleyball at National level and was a physical coach with pro and semi-pro volleyball players for a year. He is a certified volleyball and weightlifting coach in France. As he himself practices a lot of different sports like volleyball, tennis, swimming, cross train-ings… he will be able to make sure you reach any of your athletic goals: improving your strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance…

Through many experiences, he’s been able to master a lot of different types of training including cross-trainings methods, HIIT trainings, CrossFit workouts, plyometrics, outdoor workouts, weightlifting and various strengthening methods.

Consequently, he is able to use different training tools such as Swiss balls, Kettlebells, Elastic resistances, free weights, TRX, medicine balls, BOSU and balance disc but also more scientific tools like OptoJump or Myotest…

When coming to him with a certain goal, he will make sure to find the appropriate tests to assess your improvements throughout your program and constantly adapt your trainings to your feed-backs and performances.

François has acquired a good knowledge of nutrition and will be able to help you with any kind of goal (sport related or not). Food intake regulation and exercising is the best combination to live in a healthier body and will definitely impact on your well-being. From the performance point of view, your nutrition is one of the main pillar with training and recovery so make sure you are doing things right and maximize your potential through an appropriate diet. Your per-sonal coach will make sure you succeed in every objective you have set!

If you are willing to organize a bootcamp or a team bonding event, you must reach him to bring positive energy, fun, creativity and sweat in an “a la carte” activity for any kind or group !

François studied swimming during his studies but was also a beach lifeguard for 5 years with the French National Association of Rescue at Sea and transmitted his knowledges of the water by coaching the new trainees at swimming, rescuing, and strengthening. Do not hesitate to contact him for you or your children to become a great swimmer aswell !