Swim Teacher specialized in:

  • Swimming for kids any level

  • Adults Swimming (Beginners)

Jay is a certified Swimtofly Instructor that specialized in swimming lesson from kids and adults

He is always passionate in sports since young and always keen to share all his knowledge to his students & parents. Jay always stress the importance of water safe techniques to his students so to ensure maximum level of safety barriers is applied, which result all his student can relax and enjoy the swimming classes.

Jay not only see coaching swimming as simple as a job, he sees it as a life skill that is required for everyone to learn so as to ensure parents will not have to worry their child if they are going for an outdoor water activities, he too understand the power of water therapy when he help an 75 years old adult which was a half stroke patient in his recovery.

He is willing to go the extra mile for his student just to see them grow and learn. That’s the greatest satisfaction that he felt is seeing his student’s excel in a way when the student and parent thought was not possible.