Terms and Conditions

Elite Coach Pte. Ltd. (Reg. 201133599R)

1/ Classes terms & Cancellation Policy
a) In case of light rain, the classes will still go on unless there is thunder with a risk of lightning. (In this case the classes will be cancelled until the weather gets better. The classes will not be charged unless the classes already started)
b) Last Minute CANCELLATIONS (LMC done less than 24 hours before the start of the class) could be charged (depending the situation) in fairness to our trainer’s time.
c) A 24 hours advance cancellation notice is required from our clients.
d) Once a class has started, that class is considered executed and will be deducted from the package, even in the event of sudden change or circumstance requires the class to finish earlier (i.e. weather, illness, trouble in the class, injuries)
e) All scheduled sessions will start and end at the time previously specified and agreed upon in the scheduled appointment.

f) Haze Policy: In any situation that the Haze level rises above 100 PSI, in accordance with the advice from the Ministry of Health in Singapore, we recommend to not practice any outdoor activities intensively. When the Haze level rises above 150 PSI (official MOH reading) one hour before the scheduled class, the outdoor classes might have to be stopped or cancelled at the very last minute. Our trainers will remain available unless the client cancels the class before the start and does not want to wait at the location for better weather conditions.
g) All our Class Packages are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.
h) Sentosa Policy: All clients residing in Sentosa or located further from our training locations could have an additional charge of S$10/sessions.
i) Classes conducted in early morning (before 7.30am) and late evening (after 8.30pm) could be subject to an additional charge of S$10/sessions.
j) All trainers have the right to remove any students from his/her class if any conflict or issue arises. (Any scheduled sessions for that particular student will be charged accordingly and be justified upon a case to case basis.
k) Group Classes Policy: our swimming group classes can accommodate from 2 to 8 students, based on similar individual skills at any given time. In the event the group class becomes a 1to1 class due to the absentee(s) failing to notify their class cancellation the attending student will just be charged as usual with 1 session on his package. However, when the group cancels their classes 24 hours in advanced and left with 1 attending student, if the attending student wants to have the class our 1on1 rates will apply.

l) Abusive cancellation will result in client’s loss of the usual requested scheduled booking dates to other clients.

m) We work only with packages paid in advance. « A la Carte » sessions could be subject to an additional charge of S$10/sessions.

2/ Payment, Refund & Surcharge Fees Policy
a) Payment for classes & packages need to be paid full in advanced. If a student is still under "pending payment status" after the 3rd lesson, the trainer has the right to stop all training until the payment is made.
b) All payments can be made by Bank transfer, Check or Cash
c) For bank transfer: include Student’s Name in the transfer note with the Sale ID Invoice Reference Number

d) For Check payment write Student’s Name with the Invoice Reference Number at the back of the Check (you can mail your Check to: Elite Coach Pte. Ltd., 10 Anson Road, #21-07 International Plaza, Singapore 079903)
e) Surcharge fees of 5% on the rates may apply for late payments (14 days after the issued invoice)
f) Nonpayment will result in client’s loss of the usual requested scheduled booking dates to other clients.

3/ Insurance & Liabilities Policy
a) All clients must declare that they and/ or their owned / rented facilities have appropriate insurance coverage to be trained by our trainers (i.e. Hospitalization, public liabilities etc.), and that each client/client’s child is physically and mentally in good health (after doctor’s examination) and comply to Elite Coach Pte. Ltd.’s (10 Anson Road, 21#07, International Plaza, Singapore (079903), M +65 8112 9162) terms and conditions, regarding the services provided by the Company, be it for personal/group training in swimming, aquagym, fitness, bodybuilding, cardio training, bootcamp, tennis etc.
b) The company “Elite Coach Pte. Ltd” together with its agents and trainers in session (including the premises used for the session) will not hold any liability or responsibility whatsoever for accidents, injuries, deaths, damages, losses, expenses or any other claims arisen during The Company’s and trainer’s provided services.

4/ Others
a) By accepting Elite Coach’s terms, you agree to receive Elite Coach’s Newsletter with the possibility to unsubscribe by sending an email to contact@elitecoach.com.sg
b) By accepting Elite Coach’s terms, you agree to give Elite Coach and SwimtoFly, full authorization to use any images and videos made for social media and any teaching program media.
c) A responsible adult supervision and practice is required to carry out the Swim to Fly program and to ensure the safety of the learner at all times.

5/ Intellectual property
Swim to Fly®  by Christian Anseaume is a proven swimming method and trademark T14137442, registered under the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore – IPOS. All rights are reserved. The method belongs solely to the founder Christian Anseaume of Elite Coach Pte. Ltd. All content and videos instructions are copyrighted and constitute trade secrets and inventions and that any party shall neither disclose nor make use of the same for their own purposes unless having an official agreement signed by the owner of the method (Christian Anseaume of Elite Coach Pte. Ltd.)

6/ Non Solicitation clause
The Client will not, during the term of his [membership] and for a period of six (6) months after termination of his [membership], directly or indirectly, approach, solicit, entice or attempt to approach, solicit or entice any of the employees of the Company to leave the employment of the Company, or any person who was employed by the Company in the last six (6) months. You acknowledge the value of our employees and the investment the Company has committed to train its employees in order to provide you a proper coaching according to high standards. In addition, you acknowledge the difficulty in ascertaining the quantum of damages in case of breach of this non-solicitation undertaking described above. As a consequence, in the event of any breach, you shall pay the Company liquidated damages equal to SGD 50,000. Such a liquidated sum represents a fair and reasonable amount of compensation to the Company for the money spent by the Company for training the employees, the recruitment of someone to replace him (including his training) and for the potential loss due to his departure and the loss of clients.